Gambling Lady
When tall, elegant Stefanie Sinclair married dashing Cajun rogue T J. Carriere, she dreamed of forever in his arms... until a constant clash of wills and a terrible misunderstanding drove them apart after only six months. Captaining her Mississippi riverboat kept her busy, but memories of their whirlwind passion--and the fear that shed sabotaged it--haunted her... until three matchmaking sisters conspired to give her shattered marriage a second chance! Tantalized by TJ.'s fiery kisses, seduced by the moonlight in his sea-green eyes, Stefanie was irresistibly tempted when he whispered he wanted his wife back--but still she fought him... until nothing but utter surrender to his thrilling power would satisfy her shameless longing. When T J. volunteered to fill in as her riverboat gambler Stefanie had to prove she trusted him, but the stakes were desperately high. Did she dare risk loving a man who made her want to lose control and could break her heart again?

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