From the Flames
Eden Cortland a will brought up young lady travels out to the Barbary Coast to find out that she has inherited a share of a infamous gambling saloon in San Francisco. Chance Mallory her reluctant partner doubts Eden's ability to work with him in running the saloon. Chance's half-brother also causes a wedge between Eden and Chance. A romance that recalls the passion and evocative wild and reckless men in the gambling saloons of early San Francisco.

'You're no different from any of those girls on the stage or serving drinks - you both make your living off the Golden Gate.'

Chance Mallory's words come as a brutal shock to the gently raised Eden Cortland. For the first time she is compelled by this rugged adventurer to confront the bitter truth that her fortune comes from an infamous gambling saloon in San Francisco.

Rising to Chance's taunting challenge she throws in her lot with the wild and reckless men and women of the Barbary Coast. But an she overcome the barriers of pride that stand between her and the forceful Chance Mallory?

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