From Secret Places
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In dead of night with hidden faces -- Ghosts come forth from secret places

She dared to learn the secret of the living dead!


When pretty Rosemary Gilbert arrived at Farview, she could hardly believe how the old house by the sea had changed. Once lively and laughter-filled, Farview was now a cold and dismal ruin inhabited only by her aunt and two sullen servants. Even Drew Chester, Rosemary's childhood playmate, now grown to dark, attractive manhood, greeted her with strange aloofness and sarcasm. Then Rosemary began to realize that the dark recesses of Farview harbored others, people at whose existence both Drew and her aunt merely scoffed. She had to find out who they were. But when she crept through the gloomy halls to glimpse their faces-she saw only the faces of the dead!

Some sinister plan was being hatched in Farview, and Rosemary Gilbert knew too much. And so, even as two handsome men vied for her love, someone was plotting her death...

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