Free to Forgive

Trey Lawton deserves a life of despair after accepting money from his fiancée’s father to disappear. Angry with his past decisions, and unable to outrun the love that haunts him, he ends up in trouble with the law for brawling. Will marriage be a chance to start over—or a cruel twist of fate, dooming him to a life of suffering?

Aida Hollingsworth refuses to marry anyone after being jilted by the man she loved. When chance brings them across each other’s path again, she feels a sense of empowerment that she can hold his fate in her hands—while getting revenge against her father.

Can two people find forgiveness and rebuild their lost love, or will their marriage be filled with anger, revenge and resentment?

This is the sixth novelette of the new Texas Wildflowers series by bestselling authors Leah Atwood and Susette Williams.

The Texas Wildflowers Series:
Free to Love
Free to Heal
Free to Protect
Free to Serve
Free to Roam
Free to Forgive

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    • Nov-2015
    • Family Friendly Fiction
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1519979673
    • ISBN13: 9781519979674


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