Fortune's Folly
A Mistress of Deception

Miss Pandora Marsh was a very proper young lady who was quite content to live out of the social whirl with her aristocratic but impoverished family. Then without warning her life was abruptly altered. A man of mystery sent her a priceless emerald necklace to exquisitely complement her red-gold hair. A rising wave of rumors cast her as the ardent mistress of a nobleman lately passed away.

Nothing this paragon of virtue could do or say could keep a bevy of lusting lords from competing to be her new lover -- chief among them the imperious Viscount Sarsbrook, freely using his vast wealth and charm to make his conquest. Even worse, in Sarsbrook's arms, Pandora herself found it hard to believe her protests of passion warred with propriety, and desire became more and more difficult to deny...

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