Forgotten Wishes
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Be Careful What You Wish For By Joanna Wylde

Sandra is having a bad day. Her business is tanking and her latest therapeutic massage client, Edgar, thinks she's a whore. But even that pales in comparison to what happens when she goes into the bathroom to wash her hands. Sean's spent the last five years in prison for murder. When he escapes, he wants two things: Revenge and sex. He finds both at the office of Edgar Williams, the man responsible for his partners' death. Now Edgar's dead, but Sean's still horny. Fortunately, the woman of his dreams is about to walk out of the bathroom and into his arms.

Love's Tender Fury By Mary Janice Davidson

Just once, Marnie Hammer would love to sign her real name to her extremely popular romance books. But her Jessica LeFleur pen name is more widely known. Add to that the love of her life is gay and just not interested in her that way. And now she is suddenly lusting after the gorgeous Tony Freeborg, literary agent extraordinaire. Such was NOT in her plans for her life.

Threads Of Faith By Joey W. Hill

Marisa is a modern day witch, living at the edge of the woods and of society. She dispenses potions to help lonely souls find their true loves. Because of her inability to live among others, she doesn't believe love is for her, let alone sexual fulfillment. Then Conlon Maguire shows up at her cottage. Conlon wants a potion to win the heart of his soulmate, but the magic behind the potion sets its price. Conlon's potion demands that he spend one night with Marisa, bringing her pleasure. As a servant of the Light, Marisa cannot refuse the price if Conlon agrees to it, but from the moment he touches her, she knows her heart and shields are in danger!

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