Forgotten Love
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Lost Memories of Love. When the beautiful young woman was found wandering on the outskirts of Warwick, she couldn't remember anything about herself, not even her name. Three years later, she was blissfully celebrating her wedding -- the day she became Mrs. Meg Prentice. But on the eve of her honeymoon a chance accident wipes out all Meg's memories of the past three years -- and of her handsome, charming, brand-new husband Todd! Once again she has become career girl Nona Andrews; and Nona can hardly believe the shocking news that she is on her honeymoon with a man she doesn't know.

With nowhere else to turn, Nona accepts Todd's suggestion that they return to Warwick to see if familiar surroundings will help recall her life as Meg. Yet though the past still eludes her, Nona finds that she is rapidly falling in love with her kind, gentle "husband in name only." But Todd loves Meg, not Nona, and how can she possibly compete with herself ...?

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