Forge of Faith
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    Epic Fantasy
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The Boundary. The greatest feat of magic in the history of Madryn. An impenetrable barrier raised to imprison the Darklord Lorthas and bring an end to the long and bloody MageWar. With the Boundary weakening, Madryn is collapsing into chaos. Betrayed by one of the six Great Houses, Prince Martyn of Alrendria finds himself besieged in Kaper, struggling to maintain control of the city and hold together a crumbling alliance. As his pleas for aid go unanswered, he wonders who he should fear more: those he knows to be his enemies, or those he trusts to be his friends. In the shadow of the Boundary, Jeran Odara fights to restore order to the mountain fortress of Dranakohr. Opposed by the Darklord, labeled a threat by the Mage Assembly, and faced with a burgeoning magical Gift few understand, Jeran must find the proper path and force the Races of Madryn down it. But how can he instill faith in his followers when he has none himself?
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    • Jun-2011
    • Tyrannosaurus Press
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 0971881936
    • ISBN13: 9780971881938
    • Jun-2011
    • Tyrannosaurus Press LLC
    • eBook
    • Jun-2011
    • Tyrannosaurus Press LLC
    • eBook (Kindle)

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