Forever in Time
Erika Van Hamel had been living alone on the tiny British island for two years when a stranger identifying himself as Gilbert Randall washed up after a boating accident. Although he was strikingly handsome, he wasn't exactly her type. Not only did her "You Tarzan, me Jane" line fall flat, but he was one of those chauvinist men who pretend to have no idea how to work a microwave or a can opener. His idea of a joke was to scare the daylights out of her by insisting the year was 1812. Yet when she found him examining her painstakingly recreated models of the Napoleonic battles, a part of her wanted to believe his crazy story; wanted to believe that he really was from regency England -- that she had finally met the kind of romantic hero she had thought only existed in books...

Gilbert Randall, Viscount Bedford, stared with dismay at the tiny painted soldiers. He could vouch for the accuracy of the battles prior to 1812. But as for the battles after 1812... it was quite clear from those scenes that the outcome of the war depended on information Gilbert carried -- only he was no longer there to provide it. He was here, in the future, in the company of a woman who thought nothing of entertaining a man alone in her house or of flaunting her considerable charms in the revealing clothes of a man. Unfortunately he needed this lovely woman's help in returning to his own time if he was to keep history from being irrevocably altered. And that meant taking her with him, although he hated to think of the havoc Miss Van Hamel would cause in regency England -- and in his own heart…

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