For a Song
Margarethe's heart sings for only one man.

In a time when floods and endless border wars ravage the land, there is one brave heart whose faith burns bright. For Lady Margarethe, life at Castle Adlerschloss goes on much the same as always-her days spent in study and stichery, her nights, dreaming of Willem, the penniless nobleman she has loved since childhood. Some men are born to wealth or earn it in war on the field of batte, but Willem is only a simple musician, hired to lift the spirits of those who wait at home.

Soon to be betrothed to Lord Gregor to solidify an alliance with a neighboring house, Margareth waits and prays. Perhaps God will hear her heart and grant her fondest wish-to wed the only man she will ever love.

Still, Gregor is kind and gentle and gallant, and she is stragely moved with compassion when he narrowly escapes death be a lance. Perhaps the answer to her prayes will surprise even Margarethe...

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