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Amy Ainsworth is a young British girl, born and bred in Gloucester. She has never had a good relationship with her mother due to her parent’s very strict Catholic upbringing and views. She left the family home eleven years ago in search of a new life in the Philippines. After securing a job, she was struggling in her personal life and had turned to Islam for help and guidance.
Her studies of Islam became her life; her commitment to Islam and in particular her British nationality had not gone unnoticed; over time she was introduced to a ruthless Nigerian cleric. Amy was doctored into this cleric’s ideological and violent beliefs of the Koran and his perception of the true interpretations of the Koran thus her radicalization had begun.
She has now met her counterpart; he is the first radicalized protégée of the ruthless Nigerian cleric. Together they will take the fight to the non-believers head on.
Viper Squad is now on the hunt for her, she has a ruthless and bloodthirsty following and is plotting an attack on the non-believers, but where?
Is she connected to the infamous "White Widow" Samantha Lewthwaite?
What Viper find out and the subsequent operation will shock the British military, the British Government and the MOD to the core.
Viper hit the ground running as events unfold quickly and violently.
A thrilling and exciting read with real-life parallels and possibilities to chew on.
VIPER is a secret Elite ‘Black’ Operations squad, formed in Margaret Thatcher’s era following the Iranian Siege in London and continues to this day.
A closely guarded British secret, handed down from one Prime Minister to the next. Operations are sanctioned only by the current serving British PM, through Charles Baker the commander of Viper.

This is David’s 4th book in the ‘Viper’ series. He first released Viper in 2012, Viper 2, 'The Master of Tomorrow's Spawn’ and Viper 3, 'Bad Russian Blood', in 2013. He is currently working on Viper 5.

The Viper books have been described in reviews as: Thrilling, action driven, clandestine operations at its best, up there with Vince Flynn, Lee Child and Robert Ludlum.
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