'Diddle Diddle dumpling, poor young John,'

began the macabre Mother Goose rhyme that arrived on Gail Richard's doorstep.

'Killed in the street, his life blood gone.'
A tragic accident had almost cost Gail her life - and had caused the death of a teenage boy. It was only with the care and attention of counselor Curtis O'Mallory that she was just beginning to forget the past.

'One shoe off...and one shoe on,'
But along with the rhyme came a gaily wrapped package, and the soiled sneaker inside was a grim reminder to Gail that there was someone who couldn't - and wouldn't - forget.

Locked windows, bolted doors and Curtis's arms were no protection against the faceless fiend whose chilling presents - a battered doll, a sheaf of dead roses - proved her tormentor wouldn't rest until Gail was....

'Dead in the street, ' like 'poor young John.'

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