The Hot-Blooded Cowboy...
Cade McCall wasn't the kind of man to answer an ad as mysterious as Rusty Wilder's--but he'd never needed a job as much as he did this one! When he met the feisty green-eyed rancher, whose wild red hair echoed her fiery spirit, he was drawn to the outspoken lady who'd offered a deal he knew would be hard to turn down. Rusty found Cade too disturbingly handsome, too overwhelmingly male, to fill her need for a man at Silverwild Ranch--he was too strong, too untamed, to keep from interfering with her running the place. But no man had ever made her feel beautiful before, found the silk beneath the denim, the fire beneath her skin. Cade wondered if Rusty was witch or angel when he was branded by the flames of desire she aroused, but could he ever be the partner she needed without losing his pride? Rusty longed to be cherished, but if Cade took her dare, would he sacrifice his soul--or claim the loving surrender of an irresistible hellion?

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    • Sep-2013
    • Random House
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 0345541723
    • ISBN13: 9780345541727


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