Firebrand's Lady
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Her blood pounding with fear, her red-gold hair damp in the night fog, .Morgana desperately turned to face the Norman knight who pursued her., Blaise De Rouen, the firebrand of William the Conqueror, believed her to be Lady Kirsten, daughter of the Saxon Lord whose castle he had come to claim., But Morganna had been raised in a peasant's cottage. Separated from her twin sister at birth and told she was the lord's illegimitate love child. Blaise knew naught of this dark past. To him, she was the prize he sought,, the lady he intended to take as his conqueror's right.

Now when she felt herself wrenched against Blaise's iron-hard body, Morgana called on all the courage of her heritage, determined to play out the deception and to use her position to spy for the Saxon resistance. Neither she nor Blaise expected the burning desire unleashed by that touch. Neither could resist the emotions that chose the heart's needs over the demands of flings. Yet that same passion could damn them, carrying them toward days of heartbreaking tragedy where war and blood would test the ties of love.

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