Family Circle
Past and present collide when widower Jake Breland enters his grandmother's kitchen to find his baby daughter in the arms of Sara Tanner. Sara is Jake's first love--and his cousin's widow. Regret, longing, and guilt roll over him in waves as he realizes he will have to come to terms with the past.

Sara has endured the most agonizing year of her life after the loss of her husband and unborn child in an automobile accident. She and Jake recognize the pain in each other's eyes, but there are too many hurts and too many years between them to be able to interact freely.

Sharing the same family only deepens the tension. Jake's grandmother wants the two together, while his aunt--Sara's mother-in-law--strives to keep them apart. Only the Lord can find a way to weave two broken hearts, a motherless child, and a lonely older woman into a loving family circle.

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    • 2003
    • Book of the Month Club
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 0739436996
    • ISBN13: 9780739436998
    • Heaven Sent
    • Feb-2013
    • Barbour
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1624165818
    • ISBN13: 9781624165818


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