Family Affair
The outrageous match between Adam, Lord Trowbridge, and his new bride Davina has the whole ton talking. Adam's clan is impeccably polite (some say stuffy), but bubbly Davina's bloodline, though quite blue, is famous for its practical jokers. The families are total opposites...and the offspring are totally in love. Billing and cooing, these lovebirds have refused the season's best invitations to spend time alone.

Why it just isn't done! At least that's what the dowager Lady Trowbridge, Adam's dragon of a mother, believes, after arriving in London with a plan to make Davina into a true Trowbridge and a social success. Meanwhile Davina's family has decided to test Adam's sense of humor, leaving Davina to wonder if she's the right woman for Adam after all. Now, this husband and wife face the hardest test of all: whom to listen to, their relatives...or their hearts.

Hero: Lord Adam Trowbridge
Heroine: Lady Davina Halderton Trowbridge

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