Fallen Grace
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    Sep-2010 (Hardcover)
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Life has been nothing but unfair to Grace Parkes and her sister. Penniless, the two orphans manage to stay alive-but only barely, like so many on the streets of Victorian London. And Grace must bear a greater heartbreak, having become pregnant from terrible circumstances and then given birth to a stillborn baby. But the infant's death sets Grace on a new path, bringing her into contact with people who hold both riches and power. A great fraud has been perpetrated on young Grace and her sister, and they are the secret recipients of a most unusual legacy-if only they can find the means to claim it. Mary Hooper's latest offers Dickensian social commentary, as well as malicious fraud, mysterious secrets, and a riveting read.

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    • Jun-2011
    • Bloomsbury (UK)
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 0747599122
    • ISBN13: 9780747599128
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    • Bloomsbury
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 1599905647
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    • ISBN: 1408815117
    • ISBN13: 9781408815113
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    • ISBN: 1599906058
    • ISBN13: 9781599906058
    • Sep-2016
    • Brilliance Audio
    • MP3 CD
    • ISBN: 1531872417
    • ISBN13: 9781531872410


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