Fairer Than She
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A lovely girl in a labyrinth of terror - led on by the beckoning spectre of love.


For beautiful, innocent Yasmin Taverton, her wedding day should have been the happiest day of her life---an impossible dream of love come true.

Before her stood the groom, Edward Liscombe, master of Liscombe Manor, his violent, wasted past of scandal through the countryside, his sudden marriage an incredible surprise.

He was strong, handsome, yet as she looked up at him, Yasmin felt a sudden shiver, as cold and piercing as the wind off the moors. Already she had seen in his dark gaze specters of a terrible past and the pain of an injury of which Edward refused to speak. But now she saw something else. Unmistakable in her loved one's eyes was hatred, black and unrelenting hatred -- and he was staring straight at her!

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