Fair Exchange

With his dark green waistcoat and lacy cuffs, Lord Geoffrey Stephen Wyndham-Parkes could have been the rage of London. At the dock in Savannah, however, his attire simply amused, and no one laughed louder than the woman he had come to wed. For lovely Louisa Heywood was a spirited feminist who wanted no part of marriage, especially to a man who neither knew nor loved her. Indeed, this "match" was more a deal struck by her father: money bartered for a title. As for tall, blond Geoffrey, he was merely a vain, penniless nobleman after a quick gold purse! Yet had she been less devoted to her causes and charities, bluestocking Lou might have noted how truly engaging Geoffrey was...and how mad he was for her. Instead, she devised an elaborate plan to drive him away. It caused mayhem but could not keep true love from her door or her heart!

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