Fair As a Rose
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He was Cumberland's Wolf, the invader whose very name struck terror in the hearts of loyal Scots. When his army galloped across the Highlands claiming Kilbraye for the English crown, Laura knew her beloved land was lost. -- As lady of Kilbraye, Laura was part of the victor's spoils, a chaste young bride fairly won by the avenging warrior. Hating all that he stood for, she was a willful firebrand in his arms, defying his every order. But Laura soon learned that Gavin Morgan was as skilled a master in her bedchamber as he was on the battlefield. Each savage kiss brought an unquenchable thirst to her lips, and every bold caress stoked the fires of desire in her soul. Nothing could daunt his savage strength...his tender seduction of this ripe Highland rose.

As the war against the English exploded with a new fury, so did the passionate storm within the castle walls. Gavin Morgan was Laura's mortal enemy -- but he was also her husband, her lover, and the only hope for her countrymen.

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