Faded Memory
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Eric's travels as the Chosen continue. Bob takes him from world to world to give whatever help that world needs. As the Chosen, Eric is the shining example of human potential.
It has now been far too long since Eric had seen Sarah. Out of self-defense, Eric's mind no longer allowed him full access to his own memories. Eric was doing fine as far as fulfilling his duties as the Chosen. Only Erica knew his true struggles.

Anellena was a world of conflict. All the races hated each other. It was to this world that Eric was brought. A new leader was young and needed teaching. Eric was to spend ten to twenty years making sure this new king both learned and survived. Anellena was a dangerous place to be. It was about to get much more dangerous.
With his faded memories, Eric finds a new family. The love comes naturally to his needy heart. He'd been so apart from others, he needed the closeness this family provided.

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