Examining Desires

The past two months have been difficult. Ever since Officer Lexie Sarcone started dating Detective Michael Riley, there has been nothing but obstacles and hardships standing in their way.

Now that his undercover assignment is completed and she has a brief reprieve from testifying against the dozens of criminals that were arrested during the mayor's crackdown on crime, the two are going away for a long weekend of cozy fires and lounging in the hot tub. It'll be great, or at least that's what Lexie thinks.

Minutes before they are set to leave, she receives a phone call concerning her upcoming promotion to detective. Internal affairs is investigating the members of burglary division and request that soon-to-be Detective Sarcone provide them with some assistance. Lexie has no desire to be a snitch, but with little to occupy her thoughts, she theorizes who might be dirty in her department. Could it be Michael? He has excess money to spend and tends to bend the rules when it suits him. Her accusations lead to the worst fight imaginable and Lexie wonders if Michael will ever forgive her. Are they strong enough as a couple to survive this battle?

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