Duel of the Heart

During his pain-wracked nightmare days after the Battle of Talavera, Rathbourne's recovery was as much due to the hauntingly serene beauty of a woman who called herself Gina as to her skillful nursing. She had given herself to him, then disappeared. And all his cool intelligence and determination could not discover her whereabouts, nor even her identity -- until the morning he walked into Greystone Manor. There he came face to face with the widow of his own cousin, the woman of his dreams, a lady who seemed to choose not to remember their brief fiery caresses...

The horrors of Talavera had left Lady Georgina Grey with amnesia -- unable to recall the events surrounding her husband's death. Yet she had managed quite well on her own, caring for her small son and the Greystone estate. Now the infamous Duke of Rathbourne had arrived to claim his guardianship over her and he was every bit as rude and overbearing as she had feared. But he had a surprise in store if he expected her to fall in so easily with his plans. Never again would she give up her independence -- that is, as long as she could quell the mysterious racing of her heart at the sound of his voice, and the vague memories stirred by his touch...
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