Dropping Fear
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On a dark night 25 years ago, masked maniac Derek Haddonfear went on a bloody rampage... Today, Derek's son, Will, is happily married, but still struggles to distance himself from the harsh memory of his father. He and his wife, Kerri, have been trying to get pregnant for years with zero success. Infertility begins to take its toll on their marriage. Kerri can't live without becoming a mother and Will can't live seeing his wife so distraught. Upon coming into contact with a doctor working on an experimental fertility drug, a desperate Will and Kerri decide to give him a shot. What results from the procedure sends Kerri on an uncontrollably violent path that is all too familiar to Will. Is it her hormones? Is it the drug? Or is Will's chilling past coming back to haunt him in the most bizarre of fashions? Regardless, no one will be prepared for the birth of the newest and most unexpected psychotic slasher in the history of horror.

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    • Sep-2010
    • Living Dead Press
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1935458752
    • ISBN13: 9781935458753
    • Sep-2012
    • Stfu Publishing
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1611990645
    • ISBN13: 9781611990645


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