Dreya Love Transformation
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Dreya Love Book 1
A Shifter Reverse Harem Series

Surviving attempted murder by genetic modification left FBI Special Agent Dreya Love with a new life. Now she just has to stay alive.

FBI Special Agent Dreya Love prefers to work alone. But when her friend, a senator’s daughter, is killed, she’s forced to partner with Detective Rhys Morgan, or get assigned to ‘the backside of hell.’  More deaths with bodies matching their first victim brings Interpol Agent Quinn Kingston to the team. 
As their investigation uncovers a secret genetic research program, a government cover-up, and a warning to ‘walk away,’ the case turns deadly. 
The hunt for a killer, a boutique drug, and an unearthly ingredient unite these three in ways they couldn’t imagine.  Soon, they discover the truth leads to a hell they never knew existed.

DREYA LOVE ticks … like a bomb.               
Dana Lyons combines the hottest trend in romance—reverse harem—with shape shifting and crime solving, to deliver a smart and sexy adventure with a double dash of the unexpected!
DANA LYONS writes hot & sexy paranormal romance, shape shifter reverse harem, and contemporary erotica.

Looking for heroes?
The Dreya Love series is a reverse harem, shape shifter crime thriller involving a strong, intelligent heroine whose life is permanently altered in a murder attempt, leaving her more than she ever was before.

Her new life is deeper and more meaningful as she accepts 3 life-long lovers who stand with her through thrilling drama, political intrigue, and dangerous events.

The themes are uplifting with discovery, change, and adaptation by these resilient characters. If you want deep romance slow burning until it catches fire, with enough twists to keep you on your toes, you’ll enjoy Dreya Love.
For the best experience, the books should be read in sequence.

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