Dr. Gail's Dilemma / Dr. Wilson's Dilemma
She kept telling herself she was there to heal sick animals, not fall in love, but she liked Dr. Val, liked Dr. Matt . . . which of them did she like best?

A Beginning . . .

For Gail Wilson, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, everything was new, her diploma, her assignment to the Thomas Animal Hospital in California, and the life she would lead there.

That life began with a practical joke that introduced her to Dr. Val Raleigh, a handsome young specialist in human, not animal disorders. Then her first day on the job she met Dr. Matt Jefferson, whose biggest passion next to his work was racing his motorcycle.

With not one, but two bachelors giving her attention and with everything from pampered poodles to feverish cows demanding her attention, every day was exciting.

And then a third man came into her life, an eight year old boy named Johnny, who with the help of a blind dog eventually showed her where her new life should lead.

Original Title: Dr. Wilson's Dilemma

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