Double or Nothing

From Book 1: From the span of hips to the swing in her waist, the stride in her step and the arch in her back, neck breaking has always occurred when she stepped her pretty ass in a room. At the age of 17 and raised in a privilege home in Bergen County New Jersey Kandice “Kandi” Jackson was known as that rebellious child who always did the opposite of what she was told. At the age of 19 Kandice finds herself in love with a street thug name Cali who introduced her to the finer things in life also to a street drug called Venom. After getting her strung out on Venom, Cali dumps Kandice leaving her struggling to survive and unable to feed her new drug habit.
After an attempted robbery gone wrong Kandice finds herself fighting for her life. Surviving this life changing event Kandice checks herself into a rehab center to rid herself of this poisonous drug. After doing two years she’s released and gets a job stripping at a club name Velour.
Now 5 years older and wiser and the top dancer at Velour she has men depleting their kids’ college funds just to get a piece of Kandi. She catches the eye of 23 year old ex basketball star turn bad boy Johnathan. Jonathan is determined to have Kandice by any means necessary. After Kandi gives in to the charming young stud John, he proves that he ain’t nothing like them other niggas. While out on a date they bump into Cali who lays eyes on the beautiful woman he once destroyed and abandoned. Wanting a taste of that sweet Kandi again, Cali is determined to get some of that Kandi Coated loving again and thinks it’ll be as easy as taking Kandi from a baby.
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