Double Galleries
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Aggie, Lisa, and Nasturtium are double cousins. (Their fathers were brothers who married sisters.) Nasturtium the Third, secretary of state, has fallen hard for the mayor’s son; the mayor of St. Petersburg, Russia, that is. Her mom enlists Aggie and Lisa to uncover the groom’s past, because Nasty Three’s fiancé can’t possibly be the right husband for the sweetheart of state government. Soon the cousins take off for Russia, although Lisa is mad at Agatha, and Aggie is too busy to notice (or care).

The supporting cast includes the clan and the people on the bus, because they are included on the guest list to Nasty Three's glamorous wedding--billed by the press around the globe as the "uniting of two great houses from two great countries." These people get entangled with the double cousins, from Wyoming to Russia. In St. Petersburg several of them are tossed into jail when they come under suspicion as computer hackers and terrorist bombers. The Sicilian Mafia, The President of the United States, the Russian President, the Governor of Wyoming, and the press from around the planet show up at this major international social event scheduled to be held on the veranda at the Czars' Summer Palace.

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