Double Faults
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When Nicole agrees to auction the Sawyers’antiques, she doesn't know where she's headed exactly, except "south of Jackson, somewhere.” Which is what she tells her new husband and her Gam, Aggie Morissey. That's a big mistake because when Nicole goes missing, her family worries themselves sick. Where in the world is Nickee?

The prologue introduces the realtor who is anxious to sell the Sawyer house. Next, we meet the Sawyers, their mansion and hobbies, partially through the gossip of natives who have long imagined sinister goings-on from the mad scientists who live there. Among the supporting cast is a killer. Nicole is thrown in with this group when a natural disaster strikes Star Valley. Nickee’s new pals are determined to save themselves.
Except when they argue over how soon they'll be rescued if they just sit and wait.
Except when the twins aren't trying to make out with Nickee or Cyn, the nanny.
Except when Kathryn, the teacher, and Bev, the matron, aren't scrapping over who has the biggest bosom and whose jewels are the most costly.
Except when they discover a frozen body, and then one of them gets murdered.
Meanwhile, CNN, Fox News, and the networks report the disaster to a global audience, while Aggie, Nickee's gam, organizes efforts to find Nicole.
Except that Aggie doesn't know where to start searching.

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    • Sep-2011
    • Zephyr Publishing Inc
    • eBook
    • Sep-2011
    • Zephyr Publishing Inc
    • eBook (Kindle)


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