Don't Look Back

Mankind is no longer at the top of the food chain.

The Sixth Extinction is an apocalyptic tale about a pandemic that sweeps the globe, decimating the human race, leaving humanity struggling to survive. Within three weeks, everything has changed. Social structure has collapsed as the government locks itself away with a select portion of its vast army in deep bunkers, leaving the civilians to their own fate and the infected that stalk the streets.

Just when the survivors on the cargo ship think nothing else can go wrong, after escaping from the fake coastguard ship, and getting away unscathed, it turns out there has been someone else hiding on the vessel the whole time, and he’s infected. He has also taken Naomi hostage and has vanished below deck, dragging her along at knife-point.

Smokie has no choice but to send the King brother’s, Alex and Mollee to try to save Naomi.

At the same time, Frank is having doubts about his faith, while Troy has become a fanatic, willing to kill anyone who gets in his way while he fulfills what he believes is the will of God.

And what’s with all the seagulls that are circling the vessel, and why are they so uncharacteristically quiet?

Meanwhile, Bachman and the others are stuck in a broken-down train in Zone 7, surrounded by a horde of infected creatures. They need to come up with a plan before it’s too late.

Also, Stu and Soozie’s lives hang in the balance as they try to escape the shoreline which is crawling with the infected.
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