Don't Die on Me Billie Jean
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The lush island paradise of St. Martin is the perfect setting for vacations, retirement, exploring…and murder?! Hardly. But in this new thriller, two sweet old ladies become embroiled in just that -- as a chilling tale of mystery unfolds.

Bonnie Packard, her little dog Billie Jean, and Eleanor Bond have shared their house by the sea for quite some time now, content to spend their senior years visiting friends, eating good food, and drinking fine wine. They could have continued along quite peacefully, until their houseguest is found murdered…

Unfortunately, that is only the beginning. When famous cookbook author Winston Winkle comes down for his annual visit, he's hoping to promote the new book he has written with Celestine, an island restaurateur who makes the best conch stew around. But on the night of the gala book party -- at the height of the festivities -- someone winds up dead in the ladies' powder room…

Someone is quickly destroying the tranquility of St. Martin -- but who could it be? Johnnie Rankin, and American expatriate, who might do more than just clean pool? Andre Bouchard, the winsome gendarme, who comes calling with a little too much frequency? Or perhaps Melanie Wheet, who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The list of suspects is endless, but one fact is for certain: with a sleuthing trio like Eleanor, Bonnie, and Billie Jean investigating the murders, the truth will be dug up -- at any cost.

“Here,” Eleanor handed me her golf club, knelt and tugged at a carton of books. “We'll take these upstairs. You get the other one, Winston.” I opened the door wide so they could pass. I looked around again. I was so sure I'd heard someone, how quickly they had gotten away. And then, it happened so suddenly, this feeling of ultimate doom came over me. It was a black and bitter feeling I had never felt before. It frightened me more than anything, more than strangers in the night, it was as though I was a stranger. I hurried out of the utility room and took a short cut to catch up with Eleanor and Winston, to find light -- and life.
And fell over a body.
I shrieked. I shrieked as loud as Billie Jean when someone stepped on her tail…
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