Lonnie Squires has few fond memories of her Aunt Kate, and nearly ten years after her death, the battleaxe is still yanking Lonnie's chain. This time, it's with the dangling promise of a sizeable inheritance after all these years -- but there's a catch.

It sounds so easy: pick up a valuable, near mint-condition classic Ford Fairlane racecar and drive around Lake Michigan taking photos of herself -- and the Fairlane -- at appointed landmarks. A weekend of traveling for almost a half million dollars and a pretty cool car?

The offer is tempting, but Lonnie can't abandon her parish on a moment's notice. Not when her nemesis has staged an all-out religious war designed to harass Lonnie out of her position as the lone Episcopal priest in Middelburg. Finding another dead body doesn't help matters in the least. In fact, it definitely seems like the end of the road for the inheritance -- and only the beginning of an even wilder ride.

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    • Apr-2011
    • Bella Books
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1594932263
    • ISBN13: 9781594932267