Diary of Danger
To young and pretty Dana Chapman, the little town of Rowley meant happiness. Here she had spent her girlhood, raised by her widowed, French-born mother, Amabel. And here she was returning to tell Amabel that she was marrying handsome Neal Shannon, who had followed Dana to Chicago to propose. But no warm welcome awaited Dana, only mystery and menace. A strange woman hired by Amabel seemed to cast an evil spell over the household. Desperately Amabel pleaded with Dana to postpone her wedding for reasons Amabel refused to reveal. Meanwhile young lawyer Bruce Norris seemed determined to make Dana forget her fiance. With icy shock Dana realized she was being stalked by an unseen enemy. But who? And why? The answer lay hidden in an old diary written by the father Dana had never known--a diary that could destroy Dana's most cherished illusions as she searched for the secret from the dark past that threatened her love and very life itself.

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