Detecting Desires

Officer Lexie Sarcone has just transferred to burglary after working vice for two years. Her last relationship ended when she became a cop, and she has all but sworn off men until she is assigned to assist the ruggedly handsome Detective Michael Riley on identifying a gang responsible for a slew of home invasions. Things heat up between the sheets just as their case starts to fall into place.

Lexie knows Michael's got a reputation, particularly since one of his former lovers is another detective in burglary division, so she's determined to keep their attraction purely physical, but this becomes unbelievably difficult once she gets to know him.

Will their mutual attraction be a quick roll in the hay or will it turn into the beginning of a serious relationship? Only time will tell. Take the plunge, and check out this short romantic story.

Content warning: Contains steamy, descriptive scenes intended for mature audiences.

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