Desta and King Solomon's Coin of Magic and Fortune
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A moving and riveting epic novel--a family saga, spanning three generations and dealing with their dark and mysterious past, set in an Ethiopian, magical mountainous countryside, in a world of monkeys, goats and spirits.
Desta, a seven-year-old boy and Abraham, his middle-aged father, are on separate but parallel missions. The boy dreams of climbing one of the mountains that circle his home to touch the sky and run his fingers through the clouds. Abraham yearns to find his own long lost father. Each faces a series of obstacles and each ultimately realizes his dream, although not in the way he hoped.
In the center of this sweeping novel is a 2,800-year old Solomonic gold coin, a family heirloom that went missing along with Desta's vanished grandfather forty years earlier. A symbol of the family's financial success and personal pride, this coin is one of the reasons why Abraham grew up fatherless and why his mother abandoned her farmland estate and came to settle in an isolated, mountainous valley, setting the family saga in motion
Spectacular . . . An absolutely joyful read L. Larson, Writer
Brilliant and wonderful . . . Pure Pleasure C. leavitt, author, Book Critic
Heart-warming, moving and wonderfully fulfilling Monika Rose, Author, Educator
An incredible story . . . So enjoyable . . . So different Pat O Connell, book lover
Student Readers
Amazing Justin Kah
Magical Guicela Sandoval
Gripping. Marissa Nall
Educational and inspirational Brea Richmond
Hard to put down Harbir Dhillon
Stimulating word pictures, executed with the skill of an accomplished painter. Ravishing views and evocative sights and sounds abound, crowding the pages with color and variations of light and dark. This is the art of the storyteller made manifest. Anthony J. Brady, Author
An entrancing magic carpet ride to a far-off world. . . . This is a journey you don t want to miss Stephen Holmes, novelist

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