Death for Dessert

The dark stain on the dead woman was chocolate, but it may as well have been blood. Mrs. Berkowitz had gone to her death savoring poisoned brownies. New to the Active Senior Living complex, May List finds the body, but has her own reasons for keeping quiet--the brownies had been meant for her.

After all, it was May who accidentally uncovered Mrs. Berkowitz's blackmailing scheme. The cunning old coot had dug up all their deepest, darkest secrets (including May's), then cheerfully extorted them for cash. True, May had ruthlessly plied the victim with the baked treats, hoping to sleuth her way into some incriminating clues. But soon it's dangerously clear that Mrs. Berkowitz was not working alone. And a killer is ready for a second helping of murder....

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    • First Edition
    • Sep-2003
    • Five Star
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 159414060X
    • ISBN13: 9781594140600
    • Jun-2004
    • Thorndike Press
    • Hardcover
    • ISBN: 0786264756
    • ISBN13: 9780786264759
    • Large Print


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