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In this finely paced and suspenseful second book in the DCS Frank Kruger psychological and mystery thriller trilogy, the Serious Crime A squad is pitted against the murderers of a top government official in the Bavarian metropolis of Munich.

A gang of right-wing militants is suspected of the deed but because of the approaching state elections the politicians are anxious to find a quick and dirty solution and to move on, making however the investigation that much more difficult and complex for Kruger's officers.

Only Andrea, the dead man's outspoken, no-nonsense journalist daughter, is not prepared to kowtow to any politician and is having none of it. Irrespective of whose toes she treads on, she takes matters into her own hands to see that her father's killers are brought to justice ... causing Kruger ever more headaches. She believes she is being helpful. He fears her erratic exploits will endanger her own life. A thought she dismisses with verve.

The storyline digs into the psychology of terrorists and anti-terrorism police alike and takes the reader, in parts, on a suspenseful journey along the edges of urban terrorism until the ringleader is caught. But it is not the person Andrea was expecting.
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