If you're a fan of China Bayles, Ruby Wilcox, and Pecan Springs, Texas, you'll love Susan Wittig Albert's new novella!Prime crime on deadlineWhen Pecan Springs Enterprise crime reporter Jessica Nelson gets an anonymous tip about a year-old death that might be murder, she's already facing too many deadlines, so the story is low on her to-investigate list.What's more, she's distracted by the possibility of a hot lead in the cold-case arson deaths of her parents and twin sister, deaths for which she suffers survivor's guilt and a phobic fear of fire. And time is running out for the Enterprise. The newspaper is facing a deadline that threatens to destroy it—and the jobs of everybody on the staff.But after Jessica and her friend China Bayles discover the secret identity hidden in hand-crafted notepaper, she knows she has to chase the might-be-murder story—whether the Pecan Springs PD likes it or not.

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