Dead and Buried

The neighbor called it in because the house next door, normally empty and silent, at two AM was a blaze of light, with people shouting and car doors slamming, like gunshots in the night. Until he heard two reports that echoed down the dark, silent street and spoke of death, two reports that were not slamming doors, but gunshots.That was when he called it in.What the cops found at the scene was a house with the doors open and all the lights on, and the body of April Olsen lying on the floor of the cellar with two gunshot wounds in her chest.But the weird thing was what they found beside her: a hole in the concrete, six foot long and three foot wide, and inside it the mummified body of a man who'd died thirty-five years earlier, shot twice in the chest with the same gun that had just killed April Olsen.Was it the controversial Professor Allen Bernstein? Or was it somebody Bernstein had killed before he fled to Mexico? Either way, it was now a cold case. A case for Stone and Dehan.
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