Day's End
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Thief. Villain. Hero. Killer. Alternately hated, loved, trusted, and feared by the city she’s sworn to protect (sometimes all on the same day), Jolene Faraday, A.K.A. Daystar, has finally crossed the line. In a fit of rage, her actions led to the death of the supervillain known as Render. That line, that paper-thin line between punishing and killing, is the one thing that allows ordinary humans to live in a world with super powered beings without being in a constant state of panic. And when one of their “heroes” loses control and crosses it, fear of supers reaches an all-time high. And it’s not just the citizens of her city who are afraid. The Tribunal is calling for Jolene’s arrest, which Portia, leader of StrikeForce, refuses to comply with. StrikeForce’s insistence on protecting Jolene only adds fuel to the fire. An Enemy Lurks in the Shadows The world sits on the verge of chaos as Killjoy initiates the next phase of his plan, and StrikeForce continues to be one step behind the enemy. But Killjoy’s next move, the move that has the power to destroy everything Jolene and StrikeForce have tried to build, will change the team, the city, and Jolene, forever.
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