Day of Reckoning
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    Apr-1989 (Hardcover)
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A nice New England family has a dark secret in this “superb exercise in suspense” from the New York Times"bestselling author (TheNew York Times Book Review).
Megan and Duncan Richards are no longer the radical activists they were in 1968. He's a banker, and she works in real estate. They have a fine house, impeccable reputations, and three beautiful kids. Their past is safely stashed away until the day Duncan gets a call from the woman he's spent decades trying to forget.
Once, he knew her as Tanya, the charismatic leader of Northern California's militant Phoenix Brigade. She had orchestrated their last robbery -- a catastrophe that ended in bloodshed and murder. While Megan and Duncan escaped to their new lives, Tanya wasn't so lucky. She's spent eighteen years in prison . . . eighteen years planning the perfect revenge on her deserters. Now she's free, and there isn't a soul Megan and Duncan can turn to for help.
What happens when a family is pushed to the brink? The answer “is the stuff of which parents' nightmares -- and well-crafted novels -- are made” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).
Day of Reckoning is dynamite.” -- Chicago Tribune
“Gripping.” -- The Washington Post
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