Dave Smethurst: Weapon of Mass Destruction
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Who is Dave Smethurst?


Dave Smethurst must find out who killed his wife before he gets charged with the crime, and then take on the inter-galactic warrior Guyfan on Garstom beach in East Anglia to a save the Earth and the Universe.

He has extra powers that he abuses, and struggles to control the anger and rage within that is associated with these powers. He does not want to be a Hero, he has always been the victim, and has been mugged on four occasions in the past. But his past is so different from his future.

Chief Inspector Eddie Boniface is hot on his trail.


How much trouble could one person be in? Part of a notorious crime family, my wife had been a victim of the serial killer, and I was at the scene of the crime of another victim, plus I had killed albeit accidently the person my wife was having an affair with.

To say it was not looking good was an understatement and things would be made worse if I was labelled as a paedophile after the swimming pool incident.

Three things went through my mind:

1. Run – this may make me look even more guilty, but at least I had a chance of freedom
2. Wait – and see what unfolded
3. Go and see Boniface and admit I was on the scene

What would you do?

Meet Dave Smethurst. A less than ordinary guy in his early forties who just wants to plod on through life, but sadly for Dave due to a bizarre serious of events his life would never be normal ever again, and things were going to get even more dramatic.


In a planet far away King Zudo the second played with his moustache and checked himself out in the mirror. Should he shave off the Moustache? It was so 2520’s!

There was another hot day ahead, and Zudo had not slept. He had told his Servants that he did not want to be disturbed. He ran himself a hot batch and as he lay in the bath watching TV he pondered the decision that he had to make.

He was arranging the court martial. The incompetent General Nyanda had failed again and this time put the whole planet at risk. He should have fired him 85 years ago when he had the opportunity. But his previous mistakes paled into insignificance compared to his latest ‘cock up’.

Meet General Nyanda. In a bid to save his planet he had decided to give super-powers to the Earthling Benedict Green. Green was a decorated soldier, and these powers would enhance the skill, strength and bravery he already had and would mean he had the power the take on his planet’s enemies.

The idiot footballer Ashley Rooney had crashed his car in Smethurst. Smethurst then was shunted into Benedict Green, killing him on the spot. Rooney had been texting pictures of his Penis (again) and would pay for this, but the most pressing matter for Nyanda was that he must go to Earth and now confront Smethurst.

Smethurst was a man that had no skill, strength or bravery, what his destiny was, to take on an defeat the evil Guyfan.

Smethurst would struggle to control the powers especially the anger, and would abuse the powers he had been given, especially the invisibility.


He is just a normal guy that finds himself in a situation that is beyond belief.

But if you were going to believe that a situation like this could occur then Dave Smethurst is the last person you would chose to take on the role as a hero.

And if Dave Smethurst could believe that a situation like this could occur, he is the last person he would chose to take on the role as a hero.
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