Dark Fall
He's hell bent on ending his own life... but first he has to save hers.

* A full-length STAND ALONE novel with HEA *

The last person Kaity needs help from is a shady looking biker. The protection costs Kaity an attack from a rival MC, a bullet to the leg, and a fight for her life. That's all in the first day of meeting the dark and sexy member of Back Down Devil MC.

From the moment Erik saw his face in the mirror he wanted to die. The explosion may not have taken his life, but the scars left behind will forever be there. The anger keeps a gun close and the anger demands final revenge so he could end his own pain. 

When Kaity meets Erik, she sees the man, not the scars. As they find comfort in each other's pain and pleasure, secrets begin to come forward and Erik begins to wonder if he hasn't made a huge mistake by letting a potential rat in the clubhouse. 

Before the answers to all of Erik's questions are known, Kaity is put into the crosshairs of a major war. Her life and Erik's love is on the line.

All wounds may heal with time, but the scars may never fade...


London Casey is the pen name for bestselling romance author Karolyn James

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