Dark Days
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Elsie is fading fast and her magick is weakened when it is most needed. Gareth’s killers have escaped justice and are being hunted by both Jared and their own family. Chloe is determined to find her missing friend, despite the strange people that now call themselves her family. Liser is still in denial about her feelings towards the Human Peter. James and Ellie find themselves at the mercy of a depraved and sadistic ‘ghost’: their survival dependent on the whim of a cruel Hunter.

“The Vampire had laughed viciously and instead of killing them, he’d turned them … and then abandoned them to find their own way into immortality”

“He sighed heavily. He hated involving Humans in the Supernatural. It never ended well. Humans had an idealised idea of what the world was, believing themselves to be the superior and ruling species: they fought their petty wars, had their little love affairs, ensured the continuance of their line and then died. They had no idea of what the real world was: of what surrounded them. They lived in an oblivious little bubble.”

“She was immediately distracted, as she returned his desire with an angry passion that he couldn’t help responding to. She pulled him quickly towards the bed, as she whipped his top over his head and he fumbled with hers. They fell in a tangled heap and savagely leapt at each other, desire to brand, mate and mark overwhelming every other thought in their eager bodies.”

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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2014
    • Elizabeth Lord
    • eBook
    • Jan-2014
    • Elizabeth Lord
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Jan-2014
    • Smashwords
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1310471282
    • ISBN13: 9781310471285


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