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Some people leave you forever changed. And maybe some wounds are just too big to heal. But Jane is coming to realise that confronting her past is the only hope she has of saving herself.Jane has a skin condition, vitiligo, which makes her look a little different. But at least she's become pretty skilled in the art of camouflage.On the surface of things, Jane leads a good life. She's a health professional with an active social life, who meets lots of handsome, successful men... they just tend to be all the wrong ones.Perhaps it's also because no one she meets will ever quite compare to who she once had.Jane finds her mind frequently travels back to her younger years, back to when she lived in the coastal tree-lined town of Denmark in a timber cottage on stilts with her artistic mother, Colleen, who was beautiful, vibrant, larger than life - and deeply troubled.She remembers the broken glass, mysterious cuts, and their isolation.The storm cloud days.But most vivid in Jane's recollections is that kind and goofy, crinkle-beamed boy who made her feel warm inside, who somehow made it all better. Try as she might, he'll always have a piece of her heart.What the reviews are saying about Dappled: Masterfully written and packed with insight, compassion, and hope. Brown tackles significant theme of self-worth with trenchantly serious message of mental health issues in her exceedingly moving, honest debut which tells the story of a woman struggling with her past and present traumas. This remarkable work of fiction from a very talented author is almost virtually perfect. - The Prairies Book ReviewIt is not often you find a book that so delicately tells the story of such hard topics, whilst weaving in a story of hope, love and overcoming. It is inspiring and fills the heart to the brim! - Goodreads review, 5 starsStunningly Beautiful Novel. - Amazon review, 5 starsI've heard people talk about the urge to hug certain books. Dappled has to be the most huggable book I've read. It is one of those rare books you just never want to let go of. - Amazon review, 5 starsA beautiful book that will remain in your memory long after the last page is turned. - Amazon review, 5 starsWritten with heart, soul, wit and authenticity. - Amazon review, 5 starsThe characters are authentic and the author voice is as tender as their love. - Goodreads review, 5 stars
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