Dancing in the Dark
Trick or Treat by Madeline Oh
Katie Fairfax jokingly asks her cousin for "A gorgeous, exciting, bedworthy man to make all my wildest dreams come true," not expecting to be taken at her word. When she first meets Jud Carlton, she finds the man pushy, and overbearing. But as Jud bulldozes into her life, she finds his special way of loving is what she's always longed for.

Louisiana Heat by Dominique Adair
Having met the man of her dreams online, Kay travels to Bayou Blue, Louisiana to explore the possibilities of furthering their relationship. The moment David sees her, he decides to impersonate his cousin Remy, the man Kay is searching for. Having been obsessed with her for the past six months, David seizes the opportunity to get to know her better and to explore their seemingly mutual desires.

Dancing in the Dark by Jennifer Dunne
A humdrum life.Keri Montero lives a boring life. Work, TV, volunteering, and her quilting hardly makes up the stuff of fantasy and dreams. A mistaken invitation.All this changes when she receives an invitation to a charity Halloween costume party to benefit the local opera house. She decides to go, even if the tickets are $100 each. A walk on the wild side.Her costume can be anything, and Keri decides to live on the wild side for once. Going as a submissive slave girl might invite trouble. But when she meets the man of her dreams, she decides to go even wilder. Keri wants to submit to his every.sexual.whim.

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    • Ellora's Cave
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    • Ellora's Cave
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