Dak the Protector

Kierin held him captive with her crystals but he couldn’t give her what she demanded unless he was free. If Dak gave the crystal witch what she wanted it would sentence him to death ...

The crystal witch bought him - naked and chained - from a slave market then held him prisoner with her amulet. With a death warrant on her head and Draagon’s Phantom Riders closing in, Kierin needed the one thing only an Anderan male could guarantee - a son. All she had to do was convince her prisoner to mate with her, fully aware that such an act would sentence him to exile or death.

Lord Beldon Dak, a proud Anderan warrior, would do whatever it took to stay alive and find a way to rescue his crew. But can he forsake his home and possibly his life for one night of passion in the arms of the crystal witch?

Coming Soon:
The Men of Anderas III: Talon

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