Crossed Hearts
When Jonathan Murray promised to look in on the younger siblings of an old army friend, the former soldier never imagined that the household would include one outrageously behaved beauty! Not only had he seen the bewitching, blue-eyed vixen stealing off to meet a suspicious-looking gentleman--she'd actually accepted money from the scoundrel! It was obvious what the scheming miss was up to, and he'd be hanged if he'd allow his tender charges to be corrupted by a woman of easy virtue. And yet, there was something about the minx... something that drew him against his better judgment. Though he'd never admit it to a living soul, Jonathan was finding the mysterious Miranda Drake more irresistible with each passing day...

Miranda simply couldn't allow anyone to discover her other identity as the notorious "Madame V." After all, it was highly improper for a lady to be penning Gothic novels! That was why she'd finally taken her cousins up on their long-standing invitation to come to London, where she could conduct her business far from provincial prying eyes. But the insufferable Jonathan Murray was proving an unexpected obstacle. Still, he was handsome and his magnetism quite swept her away... so much so that she decided to cast him as the hero of her latest book. If she didn't know better, Miranda mused, she could fall in love with the dashing rascal. Yet if she dared reveal her secret heart, would she lose him forever? Or could love conquer all deception?

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