Conor's Mate
Elven Bearer Prince Conor has mixed emotions when his betrothal to a foreign king is arranged as part of a peace treaty. After a difficult voyage, he finally meets King Lyndor for the first time and is pleasantly surprised to find the king attractive, charming, and kind-the ideal father for the hoped-for royal heir. Their initial flirtation goes well, and the bonding ceremony proceeds smoothly except for the unexpected arrival of Solen, one of the king's political rivals. Though rumors suggest that Solen is descended from the City of Mages and secretly practices magic, Conor prefers to believe Solen's claim that he is simply at the wedding to wish his cousin the king well. Then, without warning, the previously happy arrangement seems to go awry. After the ceremony, the king's behavior becomes cold and withdrawn-as though he has been bewitched. Conor searches for a way to rescue his mate and give him the son to secure his dynasty.

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