Condoms and Cabbages
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From the Twisted Human Nature Series. This is a SHORT horror story containing only 33 kindle pages of work (46 altogether).This short story is intended for members of Kindle Unlimited.

BE WARNED: This is a horror SHORT story with a twist, containing graphic language and depicting explicit sex and brutal violence. If you are easily offended or looking for a longer story then please do not purchase.

Wayne Ward is a twenty-four-year-old nobody. He has no skills. No remarkable life. No esteemed job – in fact, he has never worked a day in life lazy life. No savings. No one who loves him, and no one to miss him. However, he is an opinionated, foulmouthed racist, who thinks the world owes him something, and he has the right to take whatever he wants.

He decided he’d had enough of his dull, monotonous life in the small town in England and scraped together enough money by stealing off his friends and step-father for a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand.

He was going to live the dream – sun, sea, and sex. He imagined himself soaking up rays while lounging somewhere on a sandy white beach, with crystal-clear water, with a stunning prostitute to either side.

However, that dream soon turned into a nightmare. Unable to find a job, and low on money, and living in a noisy, cockroach infested shit-pit, he decides to take matters into his own, completely unprepared hands.

He soon finds out that his foulmouthed, racist approach to life isn't going to get him very far in a foreign country. In fact, there’s only one possible outcome for a person like Wayne Ward, and he’s racing towards it like a locomotive.

If you have enjoyed any of Glen Johnson’s other collections of short stories – Lamb Chops & Chainsaws, Lobsters & Landmines, or French Fries & flamethrowers, you will enjoy his latest serving of horror, with his bizarre sense of humour that always ends with an unexpected twist.
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